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If you wish your name, initials or organization to appear on this page, please Send us an e-mail stating so. Ideally tell us your title, town of residence, etc. if you feel comfortable doing so. A short written statement would be nice as well.

Allan Stellar, RN

Bruce Baldwin

Gordon Jones, Gridley CA - "Butte County is not for sale!"

Everett Gremminger, retired State Medical Board of Calif

Maureen Kirk, Butte County Supervisor District 3

Michael L. Ramsey, Butte County District Attorney

Jerry Smith, retired Butte County Sheriff/Coroner

Chris Sommers, Cattle Rancher, Software Engineer - "Illegal Poticulture is ruining Butte County"

Cynthia Stevenson, RN – "Take back our foothills, defeat the for profit growers who are stealing our ground water!"

Larry Wahl, Butte County Supervisor District 2